Bringing cloned disk online Windows 2016

Problem: When you clone a disk from a snapshot of a Windows 2016 server and attach it to that same server, you may encounter problems bringing the disk online through File and Storage Services in Server Manager. You'll receive these errors indicating the disk is read-only, and after the failure you will be unable to bring the disk online through File and Storage services or Disk Management:


Solution 1: If you bring the disk online through Disk Management, you will avoid this problem.

Solution 2: After the disk has failed to be brought online through File and Storage Services, the read-only attribute needs to be removed from the disk through diskpart:

  1. Run command prompt as administrator
  2. Type diskpart and press ENTER
  3. Type list disk to see the disks that are currently available. Locate the new disk (it usually has the highest disk number and free space equal to its size).
  4. Select the new disk by entering select disk x where "x" is the disk number from the previous command.
  5. Enter attributes disk clear readonly to remove the read-only attribute.
  6. Return to File and Storage Services in Server Manager or Disk Management. Refresh the window. You can now right-click on the new disk and bring it online as usual.

Solution 3: We are working on developing a permanent solution to this issue.


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