If updating/un-installing windows guest agents fail

If performing an update of a new guest agent, and/or uninstalling an old guest agent version on a windows device fails, there may be an issue with registration handling by the Cloudistics VSS provider. If this occurs you will need to launch "dcomcnfg" and delete the VSS provider. After this is done, you should be able to uninstall the old Cloudistics agent and reinstall the new version.



  1. Open the windows device, search for and launch "dcomcnfg"
  2. Follow the path of Component Services > Computers > My computer > COM+ Applications > Cloudistics > Components > CldtxVSSProvider
  3. Right click and delete the "CldtxVSSProvider"
  4. Navigate to your "programs and features" in the "programs" section under your "control panel
  5. Find the Cloudistics program, right click and uninstall the old guest agent version
  6. Navigte to the Cloudistics CDROM, right click and install the new cloudistics guest agent version

After these steps are performed, you should see your new version in your programs and features.



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