Allowing access to a share for importing a VM

  1. To import a .VMDK/.VHD/.VHDx/.IMG/.OVA/.QCOW2/.QED/.RAW/.VDI via an NFS or CIFS share, on the Templates page, click Import VM. Note that shares with special characters in the name aren't currently supported.
  2. On the Hardware page, under the storage block, click Show Details to view the storage block's Virtual IP. On the Hardware page, click on each storage node in turn to see its IP address. Storage nodes must be given access to the share for Ignite to view and use the files on it. That is, the storage node's regular IPs and the storage block's virtual IP need access. 

Since the storage nodes' IPs and the storage block's virtual IP are assigned via DHCP, not statically, they're subject to change. If only those IPs are given access to the share, if they change, additional access will have to be granted. Because of this, Cloudistics recommends granting the whole subnet access to the share.

On the Hardware page, click Show Network Settings; the IP range under Router Physical Network is the range of IPs that could be assigned to the storage nodes and virtual IP. Granting access to the share from this range will allow consistent access to the share from Ignite.

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