Understanding application instance states

You can view application instance states at the top of the Application Instance Overview page. Application instances will be in one of the following states:

  • running.PNGPowered on: The instance is operational after a successful start or restart. (Instances do not have to run a guest agent; therefore, an instance can show "running" before the guest agent starts or the instance is fully booted)
  • paused.PNGPaused: The instance is reachable, but paused. Application instances continue to use memory resources while paused.
  • shutdown.PNGShut down: The instance has been properly shut down by the user.
  • unreachable.PNGUnreachable: The instance does not respond to Ignite and was not shut down by the user. If an instance in your cloud infrastructure is not responding, check your network connectivity or contact customer support.
  • unreachable.PNGUnresponsive: The heartbeat message sent by the guest agent is no longer being received by the compute node; for example, if the guest agent is seen as missing. This can often be resolved by restarting the guest agent service or a clean shutdown and start of the instance.
  • temporary_revert.PNGTemporary revert: The instance has been reverted to a snapshot and the reversion has not been made permanent
  • changing_state.PNGChanging state: The instance is in the process of changing from one state to another


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