What is an application instance?

An application instance is one or more virtual machines (VMs) grouped together to realize a particular set of software capabilities for an end user. For example, an application instance might be a simple VM running Windows 8; and another application instance might be a VM running CentOS 7.2 with WordPress.

In Ignite, you can create an application instance in the following ways:

  • Download a template from the Cloudistics Application Marketplace, customize the template as desired, and deploy a new instance with just a few clicks.
  • Create a new application instance from an existing template stored in your template store.
  • Import a VM from a .VMDK, .VHD, .VHDx, .IMG, .OVA, .QCOW2, .QED, .RAW, or .VDI as a template, and then use the template to create a new instance.
  • Install a new instance from an ISO or custom installer.

Note: Your disk module needs to be compatible with ignite. You may need to configure the kernel module for proper disk support, with SATA or Virtio.

Example: The following command can be used in some cases to add the VirtIO kernel modules on boot: dracut –add-drivers “virtio_pci virtio_blk virtio_scsi virtio_net” -f -v 

For more information about application templates, the marketplace, and the template store, click here.


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