Viewing virtual datacenter allocations

On the Overview page of a virtual datacenter in the Ignite management console, the Virtual Datacenter Allocations tab contains information about the resources that have been allocated to the datacenter from migration zones and storage pools. The tab includes two sections:

  • Allocations chart - Displays a list of all compute and storage allocations to the virtual datacenter. Compute resources are listed first by migration zone, then by compute category within each migration zone. Storage resources are listed by storage pool.
  • Usage chart - Displays more detailed information about how compute resources in the virtual datacenter are
    being used by application instances within the datacenter. Usage details are listed first by migration zone,
    then by compute category

Note: In each chart, compute category has a slightly different meaning: In the Allocations chart,
compute category refers to the category to which each host in the migration zone is assigned. In
the Usage chart, compute category refers to the compute category type selected by each
application in the virtual datacenter. Thus, if application instances in the virtual datacenter do not
require a specific compute category, the Usage chart may show statistics for Any Category


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