Viewing application instance details

  1. In the Ignite management console, you can view application instances by going to Applications > Instances.
  2. On the Application Instance: Profile tab for a selected application instance, you can view detailed information about each application instance, including the instance resource profile, networking information, and firewall rules:
    • Resource profile - Defines the way in which Ignite selects compute and storage resources for the application instance. To change an instance's resource profile, click the Edit icon beside the field you wish to change, or click the Actions button at the top of the screen, hover over Edit Instance, and select the field you wish to change.
    • Networking information - Includes the instance's virtual network (if any) and any firewall rules that apply to the instance. This may include a virtual network firewall profile and/or a firewall override. If an instance is using rules from both a profile and an override, the override rules take precedence over the profile rules. To change an instance's networking resources, click Add vNIC or ... beside the vNIC and select the type of edit you wish to make.
      • Note: Most networking edits cannot be done while the instance is running.

A complete list of firewall rules that apply to the instance are shown at the bottom of the page.


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