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Cloudistics is the first truly composable on premise cloud platform that combines storage, network, compute, and virtualization resources. Cloudistics' integrated and intelligent operating system monitors application performance based on configurable thresholds, giving you unprecedented insight and control over your resources.

The Cloudistics platform includes all hardware and software required to deploy and run applications in your on premise cloud and consists of four key infrastructure components:

  • Network
  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Ignite Cloud Controller

The tightly integrated network, compute, and storage hardware is provisioned, managed, and controlled through the Ignite Cloud Controller. Once defined and setup, you can use these components together to create and manage your virtual datacenters and applications.

Using this Guide

This User Guide provides information about getting started with Cloudistics, setting up your environment, and using Ignite, the Web-based management console for configuring and managing your storage, network, compute, and virtualization resources.

If you are new to Cloudistics:

Refer to the following sections in this guide and follow the instructions for configuring your hardware, including creating your account and registering your hardware for the first time.

If you have already installed your Cloudistics solution and are familiar with Cloudistics:
You will find the following sections and topics in this guide helpful for using and maintaining your Cloudistics environment.

Understanding the process for setting up and using Cloudistics

This guide includes the instructions for setting up your Cloudistics hardware and using Ignite to manage and deploy applications. Before you can create and deploy applications, you must have installed and registered your network, compute, and storage hardware. Once this is done, you can create and configure virtual datacenters, (optionally) set up a virtual network, and create application templates and instances. The process is generally as follows:

  1. Install your Cloudistics hardware.
  2. Configure Cloudistics SDN router connectivity.
  3. Set up and configure your environment in Ignite, including:
    1. Create account(s).
    2. Register network hardware.
    3. Register compute hardware, including creating migration zone(s) and assigning categories and tags, as needed.
    4. Register storage hardware, including creating storage pools, as needed.
    5. Create virtual datacenter allocations for compute and storage resources.
    6. (Optionally) Set up a virtual network (vnet).
    7. Create and deploy application instances.
    8. Monitor and manage your environment and resources from within Ignite.

Getting Help

Whether you have a question about migrating your workloads or provisioning your virtual datacenters on Ignite, we are here to help.

  • Online Chat. Real-time chat is available during business hours, 9am-5pm ET. Initiate a session from our Support page on our website, or more conveniently, directly from the Ignite management portal. Outside of business hours, initiating a support chat will present 2 options:
    • call our TFN (especially for service-affecting issues), or
    • fill in a simple form which will generate an email and open a ticket (for non service-affecting issues or general inquiries).
  • Website. User guidance, troubleshooting and knowledge base information can also be found online:
  • Phone. For a suspected or confirmed issue impacting production applications, we recommend calling us at the following:
    703-570-8880 – Business hours, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm ET
    800-685-9636 – All other times, toll free
    When calling, please be prepared to provide your name, callback number, company name, site/location, and a general description of the issue.
  • Hardware service description can be found here.
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