Managing migration zones

To perform an action on a specific migration zone, open the Migration Zone Overview page, and then click Actions.

Renaming a migration zone

  1. Select Rename from the Actions drop-down menu.
  2. Enter a new name for the migration zone.
    Note that the name must be unique across all migration zones in your Ignite Private Cloud.
  3. Click Update.

Adding compute nodes

  1. Select Add nodes from the Actions drop-down menu.
  2. Select the node(s) you wish to add to the migration zone.
  3. Click "Add Nodes".

Note: Because a node can only belong to one migration zone, Cloudistics only displays a list of unassigned nodes. If you wish to add a node that is currently assigned to another migration zone, you can move it to another migration zone by following these steps.

Deleting a migration zone

Caution: This action cannot be undone.

  1. Select Delete migration zone from the Actions drop-down menu.
  2. Click Delete Migration Zone.

Connecting a migration zone to a storage pool

  1. In the Ignite management console, go to Infrastructure > Mappings.
  2. Next to the storage pool to which you want to connect, on the drop-down menu, click Connect to migration zone.
  3. Select the migration zone you wish to connect.

Disconnecting a migration zone from a storage pool

  1. On the Migration Zone Overview page, click the Resources & Connectivity tab.
  2. For the storage pool from which you want to disconnect, click Disconnect.
  3. Review the application instances that will be affected when the flash pool is disconnected. When you disconnect the storage pool from the selected migration zone, all application instances in the migration zone that use this storage pool will be shut down.
  4. In the resulting dialog box, click Continue.

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