Setting up PXE Boot in Ignite

Follow these steps to set up PXE Boot in Ignite:

  1. On the Hardware page, click Show Network Settings and make note of the SDN Router's IP Address.
  2. SSH into the SDN Router's IP address as user manager (with the password chosen when the hardware was registered)
  3. Run sudo su and re-enter the manager password to gain root privileges.
    • If this is not the first time PXE has been setup, run rm /etc/dhcp/dhcp-site-custom before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Run /usr/share/cloudistics/ -p <pxe_server> -f <bootfilename>, replacing <pxe_server> with the IP address of your PXE server and <bootfilename> with the file the instance will use to boot from.
  5. On the Profile page of the instance that you want to boot to PXE, click Actions > Edit Instance > Edit boot order.
  6. Move the vNIC to the top of the boot order and click Save.
  7. Start the instance.
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