Using NetScaler as a NFV

Steps you need to do before configuring NetScaler as a NFV instance:

  1. Create a Vnet and choose "manual" as your Network services
  2. Download/create Netscaler application with bridged networking for vNIC0. Add a second vNIC, selecting virtual networking and the vnet you just created. 
  3. Go to the vnet you created and click "link NFV instance". Choose the Netscaler instance you created
  4. Follow steps to configure netscaler here. You are configuring networking for vNIC0, so give it an IP in the bridged network and configure other settings accordingly

Setting up Routing to use the Netscaler Instance as a NFV:

From Your Ignite SDN Router:

  • Enter command: /usr/share/cloudistics/ "add <Network address of vnet> <mask range of vnet><Netscaler vNIC0 IP address>" [Example : /usr/share/cloudistics/ "add 29"]
    • Note: The network address is the IP address before your vnet's usable IP range

From NetScaler in your Browser:

  1. Enter the IP address you configured for your Netscaler into your browser and log in
  2. Under the configuration tab click on "subnet IP address"
  3. Add the gateway IP address and subnet mask of your vnet, and click Create. Click the Save button
  4. Remove all other IPs under Subnet IP address and click the Save button

You should be able to ping your vnet gateway from outside of the virtual network if your NetScaler NFV is properly set up.

Note: Netscaler is not a DHCP server. Within the OS of an instance using the netscaler vnet, configure a static IP within the vnet IP range and set the gateway to the vnet's gateway.

**Only Netscaler versions 11.1 and 12 are compatible with ignite**


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