ESXi Install - No Disks Found

Note: Although nested virtualization can be enabled through the Ignite Management Portal, Cloudistics cannot support individual forms of nested virtualization

Problem: When creating an instance from an ESXi 6.5 ISO, the ESXi installation wizard doesn't list any hard disks

Note: Not all versions of ESXi will work on Ignite. The version of hypervisor being installed on the instance must be compatible with Ignite hardware: the CPU type "Intel Xeon E5-2600-v4 Series", and the hardware "Dell PowerEdge FC430" and "Dell PowerEdge FC630"


  1. Force-reboot the instance
  2. When the instance starts to boot into the ESXi installation ISO, press Shift+O to Edit Boot Options
  3. Add preferVmklinux=TRUE to the end of the line. Press ENTER to apply the changes
  4. The ESXi installation ISO will now recognize the disks 
  5. After completing the installation force-shutdown the instance to unmount the ESXi installation ISO, then start it to boot from hard disk
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