Inserting Guest Agent Tools

Guest agent tools are optional. Without the guest agent tools installed, snapshots will be crash-consistent instead of application-consistent and latency statistics will not be available. See here for more information on the difference between Compatibility and Enhanced modes.

  • Insert guest agent tools by clicking the Actions button on the instance and selecting Insert guest tools.
    • Note: If the guest agent tools were inserted on an earlier version and weren't ejected, eject the guest tools then insert guest tools to insert the new version.
  • To install the guest agent tools in Linux, see here. To install the guest agent tools in Windows see here.

Note: Guest agent tools can be inserted once the instance starts on an environment on version 3.3 or later. If the instance has been running since before the 3.3 deployment, shut down the instance, then start it (instances that are already shut down can just be started); and then you can insert the guest tools.


**we recommend to keep your Guest Agent updated with newer versions to stay compatible with each new release of ignite**

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