Creating an application instance from ISO

Follow these steps to create an application instance from ISO.

  1. On the Application Instances page, click New Instance and then select Install from installer.
  2. Enter a name for your instance, and configure the required settings.
    • Most users should select Compatibility mode
    • Only select Enhanced mode if the ISO was created with VirtIO drivers installed
  3. Next to Installer select Select Installer.
  4. Enter the information for your NFS or CIFS share.
    • Setup an NFS or CIFS share and copy the ISO to it. Note that shares with special characters in the name aren't currently supported. 
    • The share must be accessible by the compute nodes. On the Nodes page, the compute nodes' IPs will be listed. Since the compute nodes' IPs are assigned via DHCP, not statically, they're subject to change. If only those IPs are given access to the share, if they change additional access will have to be granted. Because of this, we recommend granting the whole subnet access to the share: on the Hardware page, click Show Network Settings; the IP range under Router Physical Network is the range of IPs that could be assigned to the compute nodes. Granting access to the share from this range will allow consistent access to the share from Ignite.
  5. Click Create Instance.
  6. After the instance is created, open a console into it and complete the installation wizard.
  7. Force-shutdown the instance or shut it down from within the instance's OS. This will remove the installation ISO from the instance on the next boot.
  8. Start the instance.
  9. To install guest tools and switch to Enhanced mode, see these articles for Windows and Linux.
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